Masterpiece GRANDE KOI - Blue & White

Inspired by the patterns of KOI fishes, these pens are identical in profile to the Masterpiece Grande Natural instead using chunk mixed PMMA resin. The koi is a symbol of longevity, prosperity, and good fortune. (Please note, the color and pattern may not be found in real Koi fish. Some of them is our own creation)

High grade semi-transparent chunk mixed PMMA
Built-in aluminum alloy piston filling system
Jowo # 6 nib, Steel Fine, Medium, 1.1stub.
Length : 149mm
Weight : 33 g
Biggest Diameter : 17.2 mm


    1. 逆時針旋轉錐形筆尾,直到停止 (當您感覺到它已經停止轉動時,請勿繼續旋轉)
    2. 將整個筆尖浸入墨水瓶中
    3. 順時針旋轉錐形筆尾,直到停止
    4. 從墨水瓶中取出筆
    5. 使用面紙清潔手柄上的墨水漬